Feeding animals sustainably

We produce sustainable protein ingredients for aquaculture, livestock and pets.


BioKind protein is a natural, sustainable and traceable feed ingredient for aquaculture, livestock and pets. Produced via natural fermentation, it is non-GMO, price competitive with existing sources of protein and produced to the highest quality standards.


BioKind protein is created from the natural fermentation of agricultural waste.


Minimal carbon footprint with nearly zero water input & highly efficient land use.


BioKind feed protein is highly nutritious and is fully traceable from source to consumption.

Harvesting nutrients from crop waste

To create nutritious protein feed

To create nutritious protein feed

Our Concept

Our concept is simple: nutrients from agricultural waste can be converted into a highly concentrated protein product for aquaculture and livestock feed. In doing this, we help reduce the over-fishing and inefficient land use associated with current feed production.

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