Imperial College Business School
IB Pitch 2018

August 9 2018


BioKind has just won 2nd place at IB Pitch 2018, which is Imperial Business School’s flagship competition, for a prize money of £3,000.

IB Pitch is a six- week programme that gives teams access to: two business coaching sessions, two sessions with an investor, one session with a sector-specific expert and pitch performance training.

The finals were held at Imperial Enterprise Lab on 7 August 2018 in front of key partners in the London entrepreneurial ecosystem including accelerators, incubators & grant providers. Teams take part in a five-minute business pitch followed by a Q&A .


The IB Pitch 2018 cohort includes:

ExpeRoment: A robotic laboratory that accelerates research by reducing cost, time and human-error in biotech experiments.

Neuroloom: Ability to grow living electrodes through micro-structures that can then connect directly to the nervous system and brain.

Trimm Analytics: Supplying law firms with data analytics and state-of-the-art visualisations to help them make better decisions faster.

Coillection: A platform that connects oil collectors to households through domestic collections to solve the improper oil & fat disposal problem.

Properly: An online platform that uses data insights to maximise property development opportunities across the whole property value chain.

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